Our Philosophy


At Encantos, we have a unique approach to building family entertainment and education brands for the millennial, mobile and multicultural generation.



Culture shapes the human experience.  We believe culture is multidimensional, defined not just by race, gender and ethnicity but also by lifestyles, tribes, and shared passion points. 


We believe art and content should ultimately serve humanity and inspire us to be our best self.  We develop content-fueled brands with an intellectual property (IP) to consumer products (CP) approach. 


People want merchandise with meaning.  People want products and services that enhance their lifestyles, share their values and create the ideal family atmosphere.   


All of our brands are a part of the Encantos familia. As a Public Benefit Corporation, each brand has a social benefit cause tied to it to give back to the community. 


Creators are the storytellers whose unique voice often gets lost.  We want to provide a haven for creative talent that can be culturally authentic and tell stories that have universal appeal.


There’s always a learning in the story and after the story.  We build in educational components into the storytelling, infusing the entertainment with learning.  


People expect everything to be a connected experience, both analog and digital.  We build brands with connectivity from inception, leverage the latest tools and technologies from AR/VR to AI to Data & Analytics to help further the storytelling, engagement and audience experience.


We believe in collaborating with partners that believe in our mission. Each of our brands collaborate with best-in-class partners across media, production, licensing, merchandising, universities, libraries, non-profits and more.